Sunday, November 30, 2008

Acer Expects To Distribute More Computer Notebooks


ACER, one of the world’s leading computer manufacturers expects the distribution of notebooks to increase significantly over the next three years.

The company’s Europe Middle East and Africa vice president Emanuele Accolla, said they have a strategy to exploit such a growth.

“The broad strategy is to cover the entire mobile computing sphere – from notebooks, to mini notebooks (or netbooks) to smart handhelds.

“According to Accolla, notebook unit sales will exceed desktop sales next year, and by 2011/12, 60 per cent of the 600 million units expected to ship globally in that period will be notebooks,” he said.

He said the acquisition of E-Ten this year would play a significant role in enhancing the company’s growth in that aspect.

The reasoning behind the acquisition of E-Ten was that we not only wanted to grow the business by entering a new market segment, but the main reason was the telecommunications technology that is becoming more and more important for computer technology.

Computer Notebooks On Wish Lists


Even with computer notebooks finishing third behind peace and happiness on adults' holiday wish list, this year could mark the worse holiday shopping season in 30 years. Analysts say iPhones, BlackBerry Storms, T-Mobile's G1 with Google, notebook computers, flat screen televisions and video game systems may stack up on retailers shelves in unprecedented numbers. The good news? Aggressive price cutting.

Do we really need it? Can we get by with a smaller model? Do we really need this year's latest and greatest update to cell phones and digital cameras? As the economy continues to totter, those are the questions electronic retailers most fear this holiday season.

What retailers do know this year is not to expect long lines for hot electronics or any crazed demand amid teeming crowds at the malls and strip centers. Some analysts are even predicting the slowest holiday shopping season in 30 years.